Happy Monday guys! This weekend I created a new sweet treat so easy and yummy that I had to share it with you right away!

Yes, it’s peanut butter sandwiched between two giant (or normal sized) pretzels! I made these to take to a friends bbq when there was zero time to bake anything, but they would also be a super fun thing to make with kids, and also handy for when the weather’s too hot to turn the oven on.

This recipe is part of my Best Bakes – USA series! And I’m also submitting it to Maison Cupcake’s Zero Baking required event – head over there to see loads of other great no-bake dessert ideas.


Here’s what you need to make them – I used about half of each bag of pretzels, it really depends how many you want to make, but for 300g chocolate I produced 10 sandwiches and about 40 individual chocolate pretzels.

  • Giant pretzels – 1 bag (the ones I used were about 2.5 inches across and are from Tesco. Of course, normal sized ones would also work perfectly well!
  • Normal sized pretzels – 1 bag (I used Penn State)
  • 300g milk chocolate (or you could use dark/white or a combo). I used Dairy Milk
  • jar peanut butter

First, lay parchment paper onto a baking tray. This is very important – without it your sandwiches WILL stick and the whole situation will not be good at all. Oh, and your tray needs to be able to fit into your fridge.

Melt your 300g chocolate in the microwave and then use a spoon to draw a chocolate outline onto the paper which is roughly the size and shape of the pretzels you’re using. As you can see below, the word roughly is apt!

Firmly smoosh your pretzel onto the chocolate base you’ve created, and then dollop peanut butter into the grooves of the pretzel. Yum! Sandwich another pretzel on top and then drizzle plenty of melty chocolate on top (important – don’t skimp – the pretzels need to be glued together!). I found the easiest way to do this was a production line – so wait until you have a row of pretzels that need drizzling and do the whole lot rather than one at a time.

Refrigerate for about 20-30 minutes and eat! The chocolate base forms a hard back which stops the peanut butter going anywhere. I can think of so many delicious variations you could make to these too… how good would they taste with cookie dough inside?

I also made regular chocolate pretzels using the same method, just smoosh the pretzel into the chocolate base, let set in the fridge and BAM – chocolate pretzels!!!

(this is how I learned the importance of the parchment paper. It’s not optional!)

I think these would make an awesome gift – just put them into a little presentation bag and tie with a ribbon. Super cute (and also really easy for you!) for Christmas gifts.

That is, unless you eat them all first.


x Kerry