Happy Wednesday guys! Here is a round up of a few of the things that I’m loving right now – be sure to let me know what you’re loving in the comments!

Source – Peggy Porschen

Image source – Dolly Bakes

1. Peggy Porschen

I’m not sure how I’ve been such a cupcake geek for so long and not come across Peggy Porschen. Loads of my favouritest bloggers such as Maison Cupcake and An American Cupcake in London rave about Peggy’s cakes and her Parlour in London’s Belgravia.

Peggy also wrote a beautiful cake recipe book called Boutique Baking (click on the image to see) which looks amazing – it has all 5-star reviews on Amazon! I have a feeling this may be making its way onto my Christmas list…

You can follow Peggy on Twitter here and read about the Peggy Porschen Academy too! I can’t wait to visit the parlour the next time I’m in London!

2. Great British Bake Off

It’s baaaaaack! Series 3 begins next tuesday the 14th at 8pm on BBC2! As for the last season, I’ll be posting little episode recaps the day after the episode (so on Wednesday’s).

Image source – Mwah.ie

3. La Laque nail polish by Bourjois

A couple of weeks ago I randomly picked up a minty turquoise coloured Bourjois nail polish in Boots (shown above). Since the purchase was based on the colour of the polish, I was vaguely amused to read the claims on the packaging that this was super long-wearing ‘vinyl’ nail polish. To my surprise, this polish really is long-wearing – in fact it’s the most chip resistant (without a top coat – I have a job!) nail polish I’ve ever tried, including much pricier options such as Chanel Le Vernis. The turquoise lasted about 5 days until it was showing signs of wear, and then I just topped it up with a 3rd coat and squeezed another 3 days wear out of it. I wholeheartedly recommend it and have since picked up a dark aubergine grey shade and a bright red shade.

La Laque is £5.99 from Boots

4. Cute cupcake cases

Like I said, cupcake geek! I love cute patterned cupcake cases, but it can be hard to find stockists that sell awesome designs that are also greaseproof. I love Lakeland’s new range, including these rainbow cases and the polka dot ones shown above – they hold their colours really well after baking.

I’ve also just ordered the cute polka dot cardboard cases shown above from eBay – I can’t wait to make some cakes using them!

5. Cadbury Chocolate Covered Pretzels

You guys know how much I love pretzels, especially of the chocolate covered variety! Especially when they’re stuffed into a brownie, cookie, or sandwiched together with peanut butter! Well, now Cadbury are introducing chocolate covered pretzels, hurrah! I can’t wait to try them

x Kerry