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Ah the vanilla cupcake. You can find them literally everywhere you go but it is difficult, even if you baked them yourself, to find a truly outstanding one. I’m setting out on a search to bring you the best, ultimate recipe that I will then recommend in my new Cupcake Academy area as the one true path to cupcake deliciousness.

Here’s my take on what the ultimate Vanilla Cupcake should be –

  • light and fluffy, but with a good structure that comes away from the paper case easily and holds frosting well
  • delicious – and it should taste of vanilla – otherwise we can’t really call it a vanilla cupcake
  • sweet (it is a cupcake!) but not too overwhelmingly sweet that you feel the need to book an emergency dentist appointment

After some exhaustive work googling, three clear frontrunners emerged to be considered the best Vanilla Cupcake ever.

  1. Martha Stewart’s Vanilla Cupcakes
  2. The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake as tested by The Cupcake Project
  3. Magnolia Bakery’s Vanilla Cupcakes
  4. Primrose Bakery Vanilla Cupcakes
  5. Peggy Porschen Vanilla Cupcakes

And I’m going to bake my way through all the recipes in order to find MY ultimate vanilla cupcake.

Any recommendations – what do you think is the best vanilla cupcake recipe you’ve ever tried? Do you have an amazing recipe you’d like me to taste-test?

x Kerry