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It’s bbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Series 3 of the Great British Bake-Off is here to whet our cakey appetites. As ever, I’ll be recapping each episode here on my blog – let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

Reflections and thoughts from episode 1

  • The #GBBO team have been reading some of my favourite baking blogs and getting some inspiration!
  • The cocky guy who says he really want to win has no chance. Tomato cake?
  • Cake is the most searched food term on the interwebs – as it should be
  • “Have you had any problems with that before?” are the foreshadowing words of cake doom
  • I want Victoria’s white clapboard American style house. SIGH. One day. Her blackbird pie cake was AMAZING!
  • I wouldn’t personally admit to making a cake mistake on telly…. not if I could help it
  • And how do they mix up salt with sugar precisely? I am curious to know whether the pressure would really start to get to me if I were in the high-pressure GBBO environment

Union Jack Battenberg cake

Feel like giving a union jack battenberg cake a try? – click here for the BBC recipe

Who did you feel deserved to go home the most – Natasha, or Stuart? Personally I would have gone for Stuart since Natasha really seemed like she was passionate about baking, whereas I’m not convinced Stuart had the same passion. And that tomato cake…..

Next time – yummy flatbreads and bagels, yay! Now, who wants cake?!

x Kerry