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Happy Friday everyone!! How are you doing today? Here are a few snapshots from my week – I hope yours has been a good one!New kitchen shelves from Ikea – installed by my lovely parents! I get excited every time I go into the kitchen!

Oooey – gooey chocolate bounty brownies…. yum!

A visit to Ironbridge and Blists Victorian town – cool place!

New black cat chalkboard from a cute little shop in Ironbridge – I had to get it!

The view from the bridge

My new camera! The pictures it takes are SO AWESOME compared to the old one. Hurrah!

Amazing mexican lasagne made by Erin – its made with tortilla’s instead of pasta – soo delicious! (and pretty healthy too!)

I was very kindly sent the new The Great British Bake Off: How to turn everyday bakes into showstoppers cookbook.

Think I should attempt the 8-strand plaited loaf? The octo-loaf is very intimidating!

Picture of Milo taken in a very dark room with my new camera – he was lounging on top of my wardrobe!

Have a lovely holiday weekend guys! Or if you’re not in the UK, have a lovely normal weekend 🙂

x Kerry