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The task for the bakers this week is ‘pastry perfection’ – creating tarts worthy of a patisserie window with NO soggy bottoms, thank you very much! Our intrepid bakers started off with – the tarte tatin.

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Some of the bakers made savoury versions (walnut, fig and gruyere anyone) whereas some stuck with sweet – the pear one with marzipan looked especially great.

Next up, the bakers attempted the technical bake – the treacle tart. I personally find treacle tart’s pretty disgusting and the revelation that they actually contain breadcrumbs just made them even grosser in my eyes!

Come judgement time, most of the contestants did well, and Stuart even got away with his last minute golden syrup addition after he failed to read the recipe properly.

Next, the contestants plan their own showstopping tarts, with Stuart going for a triple chocolate raspberry tart. Yum! Paul tells him frankly to his face that he’ll be out on his ear if he messes this one up. I like where this is going.

Cathryn is making a raspberry, pistachio and lemon tart which again looks lovely. Mel takes her to one side and gives her some sisterly advice on getting over her nerves – just imagine Paul and Mary naked!

James is making a tart with MINI MACARONS IN IT. Holy SH*T. He is far and away the leader of the pack right now, and deservedly so (although come on ladies!!).

Time for tart-ageddon! Showstopping tarts from James, Cathryn, Stuart and Sarah-Jane receive high praise whereas Victoria and the other bakers don’t do so well. So who goes home?

Victoria – what a spectacular fall from grace – from the front of the pack in episode 1 to booted out in episode 3. Crazyness! Of course, James is crowned star baker… again!

Next week – desserts! Meringues, torte’s and creme caramels galore – can’t wait! Need more GBBO tidbits? Dolly Bakes did a great interview with contestant Cathryn on the process of auditioning and what Paul and Mary are really like.

What kind of tart is your favourite? Get your minds out of the gutter and let me know in the comments!

x Kerry