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Aspirations to be a ice queen? Get style inspiration from Hitchcock films

These whipped Vanilla Dream cupcakes look just gorgeous

Netflix will release all 13 episodes of the new series of Arrested Development in one go next Spring. Hurry up Spring!

Angy Birds has got its very own ‘theme park‘ (it doesn’t look much!) – in Nottinghamshire! Will you be visiting?

Circumcision – is it on par with genital mutilation?

Food shortages mean that we may all have to become vegetarians in order to feed the worlds population in the next few decades

Lovely dotcomgiftshop featured my rainbow cake on their very own blog!

Just so you know Human, I may condescend to let you pet me, feed me and admire me, but I that doesn’t mean I like you

GORGEOUS chocolate peanut butter tart by the equally gorgeous Annie

Fascinating article about fake photographs produced without the aid of photoshop – such as the fairies that fooled Arthur Conan Doyle

Demon the siberian husky is only three weeks old but already practising his howl. Good job buddy!

Bic decides that women need special lady pens… marketing fail ensues – you HAVE to read the reviews on Amazon!

I’m making chocolate sandwich cookies with malt chocolate buttercream and Peggy Porschen vanilla cupcakes for a charity bake sale at work tomorrow – yummy!