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Hello lovelies! This week on #GBBO, we’re all about desserts! Yay! First up is torte’s – a torte is a cake made without normal flour, (instead it can be made with ground almonds, potato flour, or other alternative flours) and usually layered and filled with buttercream, mousse, jam or fruit.

Sarah-Jane added amaretti biscuits to her torte, which had me going OOOOooooh as I LOVE amaretti biscuits, and anything that’s almond flavoured. All of the chocolate ganache and truffles flying around are making me hungry!

James is rocking another great jumper… even if he doesn’t win GBBO (and he probably will!), he’ll definitely win the hearts of a legion of nerdy girls!

Next up, a historical section on the sugar tax and Gladstone’s reform of the sugar tax… very interesting given the current situation we’re in where politicians and campaigners debate the idea of imposing higher taxes on unhealthy foods!

For the technical bake, the contestants make a creme caramel – and who knew how hard it was to make a creme caramel!! Lots of the contestants have issues with their custards not thickening – I can relate – the one and only time I tried to make custard, the same thing happened. The scenes of the contestants turning out their creme caramels are pretty much the most tense thing I’ve ever seen on tv.

Next comes the judging, and Stuart and Manisha fare particularly badly with collapsed creme caramels, and Brendan making the ‘perfect’ creme caramel. Go Brendan!

Day 2 and it’s the last challenge of the week! As the rain lashes down (oh Hiiii, British summer!) the contestants are asked to produce a showstopping layered meringue dessert that will challenge all their skills. As ever, James charms the judges and Sue by letting them taste his baking!

Come the judging and – gasp – James gets a ‘not great’ rather than a ‘not bad’ from Paul, but then Paul manages to find fault with most of the bakers creations, except Brendan who shines again, bagging him the star baker crown for this week.

So who goes home? It’s useless Stuart – okay so he’s not really that useless, but compared with the amazing contestants (James and Brendan especially), he’s just not up to scratch.

Next week – pies! Ooh I like a nice key lime myself! I’m off to rummage for something sweet, see you then!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments?

x Kerry