New artwork from TKMaxx to help me to remember to always look on the happy side of life!

Milo’s fur has gone rusty in the sunshine!

Amazing chocolate covered caramel shortbread for our Macmillan cake sale at work – we raised £900!

A blogger meet up and trip to Cath Kidston!

And White Rabbit teahouse…

I had a slice of chocka-mocha cake (coffee with a chocolate layer) which was quite nice!

For the cake sale, I made some Peggy Porschen vanilla cupcakes with green frosting. I’ll bring you the recipe soon as part of my cupcake academy search for the ultimate vanilla cupcake!

Plus these chewy chocolate sandwich cookies with malt chocolate buttercream and crushed malteasers. These tasted AMAZING! I will share the recipe soon!

Me and Lee attended a wedding in Cheshire – it was a beautiful day!

Wedding cake!

How’s your week been? And what are you planning to get up to this weekend?

x Kerry