A pink ombre layer cake for a friends mums 60th birthday party

Between the cake and the 25 cupcakes I made, I applied FOUR batches of cream cheese frosting. That’s 1kg of cream cheese, 400g of butter, and 2.4kg of icing sugar!

The finished cake! I even piped a little border. The sprinkles are Dr Oetker lustre pearls – very cute.

A spot of shopping at the local greengrocers

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss bar – Lee bought it for me because ‘he thought i could review it on my blog’ – aww! It was very nice and intensely chocolatey, less sweet than normal Dairy Milk

A trip to Patisserie Valerie, newly opened in the centre of Nottingham. I had a couple of mini macaroons, which were very tasty indeed, and shared half of a chocolatey layered cake with my friend – the layered cake was less flavoursome, confirming my belief that things that look really good generally don’t taste really good.

We cycled all the way into Nottingham from Beeston [Not pictured] to test out my new commute – I have a new job! I’m moving to work at Nottingham Trent University so I’m getting a bike so I can cycle in – its 4 miles each way! Hopefully I’ll get used to it soon!

Then we visited Nottingham Castle and hung out in the sunshine!

and met a lion made of grass…

Phew! That was a busy week! What did you get up to?

x Kerry