Greetings lovely blog readers and welcome to yet another episode of the Great British Bake Off! First up, the bakers are tackling puddings with some yummy flavours such as sticky toffee pudding and lemon pudding. A pudding should always be moist and thick in texture, but these puddings were a mixed bag – poor Danny was forced to serve up two collapsed puddings having dropped some of hers on the floor (but still got pretty rave reviews from the judges), Sarah-Jane managed to make something approaching a pudding, but didn’t seem to be aware that she had, which doesn’t bode well for her remaining in the competition. Cathryn made two yummy looking puddings (Pineapple and chocolate walnut whip), galvanising Mary and Mel to come to her defence when Paul criticised them.

Best advice from Paul so far this episode – Be careful of your bake. Good advice indeed!

Educational bit now, and we learn that super rich people in the olden days had special confectioners to cater to their every dessert whim.

Next up, another retro bake as the contestants are tasked with making a queen of puddings cake, following a recipe by the venerable Mary Berry. Consisting of a custard layer thickened with breadcrumbs, a jam layer and a crunchy meringue topping, the pudding dates back to the seventeen hundreds and become popular in the post war years.

Come the judging, and Brendan, Sarah-Jane and Cathryn do well, but poor James overcooks his custard, turning his whole pudding into a bit of a runny mess and comes last! Brendan comes first and I *think* he’s now overtaken James as the frontrunner to win!

Streudal time and an array of disasters await the contestants – Cathryn manages to drop her streudal on the carpet, and poor John who cut his finger a bit earlier, now looks as if he’s dipped his hand in a bucket of strawberry coulis. Fillings, and some of the contestants go for sweet (apple, strawberries, rhubarb) while others opt for savoury. James injects his raisins with a hypodermic needle SUCH is his dedication to baking. Most of the streudals look amazing, although some of the contestants have ‘leakage problems’ – James’ streudal has burst open and resembles John’s bloody finger, as Sue helpfully points out.

So, after all that, who’s going home? Well, no one… since John couldn’t be judged, Paul and Mary decided to get rid of two contestants next week… so Sarah-Jane is granted a reprieve… until next week at all.

Unanswered questions of the week –

– why did Paul have such a cob on?

– is John still alive, or did he bleed to death?

– why/how does Mary look so pretty at 76? What is your secret Mary – the world needs to know!!!!

Have you eaten tried a queen of puddings? Tempted to try one?

x Kerry