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This little apple plush is so cute to make for autumn….  it would also be super cute to make a little grumpy Halloween pumpkin

Cats vs dogs …. this video ends the debate for good. You HAVE to watch this… and let me know where you stand – cats or dogs?

Oooh these chocolate kahlua cupcakes look sooo decadent

Did you watch Nigellissima on Monday? I flicked through the book in Smiths and had a similar opinion as this reviewer..

The complete gallery of red carpet looks from this years Emmy awards

Look what I found – cute Halloween sprinkles! The range in my local shops and supermarkets is sadly lacking

Kit Kat wrapped in sweet sweet dough and deep fried… Pizza Hut, you have outdone yourself once more

The great bacon drought of 2012/13 has commenced. It must be all the bacon jam those food bloggers have been making!

APEril the monkey (?) and Up Chuck the cat are best friends, and its a damn good job that Up Chuck is a very patient cat