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Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Paul Hollywood

*falls down*

Why hello there! Its the semi final of the Great British Bake Off and our lovely bakers are suddenly eyeing each other up as potential winners – can you feel the tension in the air?

First up, the bakers are making petit fours which means ‘small oven’ apparently. Doesn’t sound as good as petit fours though does it? There’s a reason why its sometimes nice to say stuff in French! Lots of macaroons are baked, and John also makes madeleines (I’d love to make them but you need a special tin!). James makes hazlenut biscuit and chocolate brownie towers and did I mention that I’d like to marry you James? Call me!

Judging time for the little oven cakes, and the standard is now extraordinarily high from all the contestants – and as a result the judges are being even more honest and detailed in their feelings/criticisms than ever before.


Time for the technical challenge – and the bakers are tasked to make a Frasier cake – no not that Frasier – apparently this is another French creation with two genoise sponges filled with creme patisserie and strawberries. A genoise is NOT a low maintenance cake – I was on eggshells watching the contestants handle theirs!

Poor John isn’t doing too well at all this episode (Mel and Sue looking at him and muttering from the sidelines may not have helped!) and I have a feeling he’ll be going home… at this point it feels like the competition is definitely between James and Brendan – what do you think?

Time for the super-tense frasier unveling and poor Danny’s creme patisserie must have been running, since her cake is all collapsy 😦

In the judging, John and James both do really well, with Brendan and Danny falling behind with their oozy frasiers.

For the finale, the bakers get set baking a choux pastry gateux. I thought I loved most desserts and cakes in the world but these pastry – heavy creations sound pretty gross to me… anywho… James is attempting something amazing and crazy … a bike gateux – knowing James, it will come off spectacularly and win him the competition. Sooo how do they fare? Brendan is up first with his monochrome gateaux and does really well, followed by Danny’s rose water flavoured gateaux which is too overwhelmingly floral. Next up is James and his bike, which, of course, he pulled off, because he’s James! John manages to do pretty well despite some past stumbles, and a look comes over Danny’s face…. will there be an all-male finale?!

Results time, and there will indeed! James is once again crowned star baker and Danny goes home. Shame!

Make sure you clear your diary for next Tuesday – its the GBBO finale!

x Kerry

PS Yet another interview with lovely Paul – who knew he was a gay icon!