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Happy Wednesday blog readers! And welcome to my new Halloween HQ! With the mornings and evenings now crisp and cool (the central heating may have been on once or twice!) and the leaves starting to change – it can only mean one thing – HALLOWEEN is on its way! I’ll be bringing you a few Halloweeny posts so keep your eyes peeled!

As a teenager brought up on repeated viewings of Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus, I’ve always loved Halloween. I always used to put up some decorations in our old house, carve a pumpkin, bake halloween cookies/cupcakes and wait patiently for the hoardes of trick or treaters…

who never materialised. You see, Halloween still isn’t a really big thing in the UK, even now, and definitely not back in the late 90s. In fact, lots of people back then, and still now, view the whole thing as slightly suspicious in a devil worshipping kind of way.

Regardless, I still LOVE Halloween and spend every September/October getting ridiculously excited about it. This year, I’m having a small Halloween gathering at my house so I’m investigating Halloween party foods and decorations that are easy and inexpensive to make, but still awesome.

I wish I could do something like this amazing cake by I am Baker….

Photo by Iambaker via Pinterest

Or these ridiculously fantastic Halloween cake pops… although even I balk at spending so long on something that will be gone in a second (I like to eat things that look delicious but not so intricate that I’m put off wanting to eat them).

Halloween cake pops, photo via Pinterest

So, what are the easier, but still impressive options? How about this cute Halloween bark? It’s super easy to make, can be customised with your favourite chocolate, and you can get some cute Halloween sprinkles here. You can even now buy orange candy melts in supermarkets in the UK now so you could do a plain chocolate then an orange layer and cover with yummy sprinkles or chopped up chocolate bars.

Photo by livelovepasta via Pinterest

Or what about Halloween pumpkin cupcakes? These are just normal vanilla cupcakes with bright orange buttercream – really sweet! I’m definitely planning to make these.

Photo by mycakeschool via Pinterest

I LOVE these Scream cheese brownies too – the cream cheese is tinted orange for a spooky brownie! But still so so easy to do (promise!)

Scream cheese brownies from The Girl who Ate Everything

And let’s not forget sugar cookies... I’m the proud owner of a set of cookie cutters featuring bats (like the below), scary cats, ghosts, and pumpkins… I plan to put them to very good use this Halloween. I’ve never really attempted the ‘proper’ icing shown below, so hopefully it will go well!

Halloween sugar cookies by Cooking with Karen

I’m also thinking since its Halloween, I HAVE to make something with real pumpkin too – featuring my lovely Libby’s tinned pumpkin. I’m thinking pumpkin bread could be a good alternative to the more sugary treats above.

Are you excited about Halloween? Let me know what treats you’re planning to make!

x Kerry

PS – check out my Pinterest board of Halloween treats here!