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Cornbread doughnuts… I love cornbread… and I love doughnuts… hmmm

A great seasonal roundup of Halloween recipes from Brown Eyed Baker

Lovely Jorie from A Midwest Maven attended a ‘You’ve got Mail’ party – how sweet!

Downton fan? Dry your tears and cheer yourself up with this recap of the dowager countesses best one-liners

Holy yum – peanut butter pretzel bars on a cookie dough bar base!

Brown Eyed Baker has conducted an exhaustive search to find the best chocolate chip cookie, and the winner was the famous New York times recipe, which uses plain and strong flour and calls for the dough to be chilled for 24 hours. Have you made it? Should I make it? Would I eat all the cookie dough before the 24 hours are up?

I discovered wonderful Blue Door Bakery who do cupcake decorating classes – check out their fab blog which is full of really useful tips that a lot of other blogs don’t really cover

Chewy coconut brownies – these remind me of my bounty brownies – I love coconut and chocolate!

Pecan pie brownies by Cookies and Cups – am I on a brownie kick or what?!

Check out the amazing Halloween pretzels by Love from the Oven below – how cool are they! I wish we had more variety in the type of candy melt type products we get here… although – do they taste good?

Awesome Halloween Pretzels!