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Hello and happy Friday! My oh my this has been a busy week (well, a bit more than a week since I didn’t publish one of these last week). But that’s how I like it! Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to…I tried my very first Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks…. it smelled deliciously promising and autumnal, but the actual drink just tasted of… a latte. I wouldn’t bother again.

My lovely friend Trista passed on a jar of Speculoos Cookie butter, all the way from America! It tastes exactly like Lotus biscuits! Helen also gifted me a jar of nutella – (it was gone in less than a week 😦 )

I tried the new Dairy Milk with Oreo – delicious! But sadly a bit iffy in that its not suitable for vegetarians, unlike the US version of Oreo’s – shape up Kraft!

Marty practicised his cat burgling skills (this is the scoping out phase)

I bought some cool new sprinkles from eBayBRIGHT stars and hearts (they don’t look too bright in this picture but I promise they are), plus white snowflakes for Christmas baking.

Milo soaked up some rays in a sunny spot – I’ll let you decide whether he’s intentionally striking a pose here!

I enjoyed a lovely Afternoon Tea at Helen’s beautiful 1930s house with Erin and Lucy too (above).

To take along, in a shock break from sweet baking (gasp!), I made a rosemary, potato, feta and red onion bread.

This week I also got out and about and soaked in some Autumn – the leaves are beginning to change and its beautiful…

Pumpkin porridge with maple syrup…

Apple and blackberry crumble…yum!

And Pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup

I hope I’ve inspired you to have a delicious weekend! What are you planning to get up to?

x Kerry