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As well as yummy Halloween foods, I’m also thinking about decorating my home for Halloween, which is now right around the corner! This post is a combination of ideas that I love, and some projects that I’ve actually made for this Halloween!

How I’ve decorated –

As well as spooky, I’ve got an autunmal theme going on. Although I LOVE shop bought decorations (and have some from previous years and some I’ve bought this year), I didn’t want to go too crazy with bought stuff as I wanted the decorations to have a homemade feel. To reinforce the autumn feel, I’ve decorated with apples and fallen leaves as well as more Halloween-y decorations (picture above from last weekends apple day at Southwell).
Of course, since its Halloween, we can’t forget pumpkins! As well as the two cute mini ones on either end of my mantlepiece, I’ll be carving two full-size pumpkins for decoration too. I’d like to carve something other than my default, slightly rubbishy, scary face this year so I’ll be taking a look here for inspiration.
I’m also making homemade Halloween garlands, using some card and some red/black wool (bought from eBay). I’m making bat, pumpkins, cat and ghost shapes, and believe me, I CANNOT draw to save my life – to get the shapes, I just drew around a template such as this bat template, and then stuck a length of wool to the back of each bat using sticky tape.

Other projects I love –

Gorgeous autumn wreath created by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess – If I had a little more time this might be something I’d make – I took a look at some ready made ones too on eBay but they were pretty pricey and not nearly as cute.
These homemade decorations by Shim & Sons, mainly using card are also really nice, and easy too!
Finally, I LOVE these felt bat garlands by artful parent – they look so great and would last for years too, whereas the card ones are less long-lasting. I will definitely be making something like this next Halloween!

As you can see, I tend to stay away from super-elaborate projects and decorations, but I’m really happy with the way my simple garlands turned out!
Psst – for more Halloween inspiration, check out my Autumn home decor board and my Halloween treats board on Pinterest!

Happy crafting!

x Kerry