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The little loaf made these lovely hybrid oaty chocolate chunk cookies. They look so delicious.

Sick of Pumpkin yet? Pumpkin Cinnamon rolls – now you can have pumpkin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! (everyone agrees that cinnamon rolls are a healthy option for breakfast, lunch and dinner, right? good)

Pippa Middleton has written a book…. will you be reading it?

Interested in trying the classic American pie? Here’s how to make the perfect Pumpkin Pie

Interesting and moving piece on the Salon about a mum-to-be unknowingly suffering ovarian cancer during her pregnancy

These super yummy chocolate muffins had a makeover – less butter and sugar and wholewheat flour!

Check out these amazing images of Europe during world war 2, merged with pictures from the present day

British supermarkets will finally adopt traffic light labelling across the board to allow consumers to make easy choices on nutrition when shopping

Did you know that today is National Black Cat Day? Black cats are being passed over for adoption at the expense of tabby and ginger cats, so Cats Protection have started a campaign to help. You guys know I love black cats!