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Happy Friday everyone! Apologies for the later than usual post today, I’ve been having some rather annoying technical hold ups. Anywhoo…. how has your week been? This is what I’ve been up to…
Last weekend I went to Southwell Apple day with a few friends and had a grand time. Southwell is the home of the Bramley apple (a cooking apple) and very proud of it they are too.

Sadly it was far too cold for ice cream from a lovely local supplier! They had lots of apple and autumn flavours on offer.

Inside Southwell Minster, we learned all about varieties of apples (so many!) and had a look round the stalls inside selling yummy local produce. There were even cookery demonstrations!

In the town, all of the shops decorated their windows in a bid to win the competition for best display this year – these are two I thought were extremely cute!Erin decided to enter the Women’s Institute baking competition which had several apple themed categories – she entered in the Cheese and Apple Scone and Apple Pie categories – and she won – BEST scones! Yay!

The Apple Pie that I helped her make was also ‘commended’ – we used a Donna Hay recipe but the deep pie dish meant that the bottom was a bit soggy 😦 Next year we will reign victorious!Here I am proudly proclaiming my apple-y love of Southwell – if you look closely you can see my new heart print scarf which I bought in the town – SO many lovely shops!

Another shop display – this is Bramley Wiggins!

Kids competing in their best apple regalia – the guy on the left had a tree hat which was AMAZING but its hard to appreciate it fully from this angle!

Marty meets his rightful mistress, a witch from my Halloween decoration collection. Both cats had a strange reaction and attacked her trailing hair (think they thought it was a toy!)

Finally, Halloween cookies that I’ve made for my party tonight! I’ve also made some pretty cool pumpkin cupcakes which I’ll share with you on Monday so you’ve got time to make them for Halloween

Phew! Are you in the autumnal/Halloween spirit yet?

x Kerry