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Utopia does exist after all, and its name is Norway

Meet the Governor – David Morrisey talks about joining The Walking Dead cast

Halloween may be over but I still have two tins of pumpkin to use. And these Pumpkin-Cream cheese chocolate chunk brownies by Picky Palate look phenomenal!

You can now pay Facebook to promote your status to your friends…. Hmm

Still on a chocolate peanut butter kick…. could this chocolate fudge peanut butter cake look ANY MORE gorgeous?

The exploitation and misery underneath the growing trend for hair extensions

Who can last longest without putting the heating on… and what about the people who can’t afford to put it on at all?

Halloween is over… but The Shining is still an awesome horror film. Here’s an interesting little article about the making of it

And I for one may never be sick of Pumpkin – this Pumpkin gnocci looks amazing

But I might already be thinking about Christmas baking… these EDIBLE Rudoph cupcake toppers are so cute

Henri le chat noir has a new video which is hilarious – watch L’haunting here, and follow Henri on Twitter here