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Happy Wednesday guys! Today I’m thinking about the less popular months (except for the amazingness that is Halloween/Christmas) – compromising winter. I think its really easy once the clocks go back to get sucked into the despressing side of winter and go into hibernation at this time of year. All of a sudden, its dark by 5pm (or 4 on a cloudy day!), making it hard to stay energised, and far too cold – the temptation I have when I get home from work is to crawl into bed to warm up!

So to counteract that, I’m putting some measures in place to make this a prosperous and fun winter! Here are a few of my ideas

Nourishing comfort foods

Winter is THE time for comfort food and I’m already feeling the pull of pies, stews and casseroles. The idea of eating a cold salad for dinner is actually gross to me now – when its cold outside, I just want warm, nourishing food (maybe its my bodies strategy to put on an extra layer of fatsulation for the winter?).

As much as I ADORE cinnamon buns, pancakes and muffins, clearly eating that way all the time won’t leave me energised, so I plan to rely on a healthy mix of porridge for breakfast (bye rice crispies, you just don’t cut it anymore!), soups for lunch and casseroles, veggie chicken pies and sausages and mash for dinner. Here are a few flashes of inspiration.

Staying active

Cycling to and from work should help with this, (although I will be heading for the bus at the first sign of sleet, snow or ice!) but I also want to find ways to stay active, both cardiovascally and socially in the evenings, whether that means tidying up the kitchen after dinner rather than slumping on the sofa, making dates to see friends, or jumping around to a workout dvd.

Treats for winter

Winter is THE best time for clothes – layering, coats, scarfs, cardigans, boots – yay! Here are a few of my favourites –

Treats for winter

What are your plans for a great winter?

x Kerry