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Happy Tuesday guys! Today is grey in the UK (I’ll let you in on a secret, its like that MOST of the time) but I’m feeling pretty chipper. Tomorrow we’re having our lovely City WI November meeting and we’ll be making Christmas decorations and enjoying some nibbles, and this weekend there’s a food and drink market in Beeston too!

Today I’m rocking red and black, its a theme…

Red Monsoon cut out top under a black New Look 60s style minidress. I have had both the top and the dress for between 5 and 10 years!

With an ASOS red riding coat with black collar. I love this coat, but the riding bustle at the back makes it a bit windy on that side…

Finally, since I always post pictures of me pre cycling, here’s how I look in my cycling gear – glamorous!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

x Kerry

PS I’ve got something very exciting to bring you guys tomorrow, so make sure you pop over!