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Happy Friday ! Can everyone just stop for a minute and help me work out – where does the time go? Seriously, can we locate the time? I feel like the weeks are passing me by in a blur at the moment as we snowball towards Christmas!

This week, I wished I had kids (or was a kid) who could learn how to build real robots – Beeston library is so cool!

Marty will listen to your problems and give you life advice… in return for treats

I made festive cookies for an upcoming blog post!

And hit up Sweet Success to pick up some amazing sprinkles and other baking supplies! More on what I got below –

I also popped to an Asda near where we used to live close to Sweet Success and got these cute shoes, and I also got a few more little baking bits and bobs.

They even do edible glitter pots now! And the green gel colouring from their home2bake range gives a perfect Christmassy green colour (that I used for the cookies above!)

The leaves are almost gone around here, but they’re putting on a pretty great show before they do!

So what baking supplies did I pick up? I got some Wilton confetti sprinkles – these were £2.45 – I LOVE these.Plus a BIG tub of Sugarflair red extra, as recommended by Liana of Star Bakery for Red Velvet cakes – apparently its a more pigmented version of the usual red gel colour. This was £5.65 but hopefully will last a long time. I also bought a Wilton gel colour – Rose which apparently gives a beautifully bright pink.Plus some cute ready made Christmas wreaths for my Christmassy cake project for the next Cake Club!Plus some heart sprinkles -again these were about £2.50 – thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day!

And cupcake cookie cutters – these were £3.45 for three – so cute!

And finally some green candy melts, again for my Christmassy cake… are you excited to see what it is?!

At this months City WI, we had a lovely fuddle (everyone brought SO much food!) and created some homemade Christmas decorations – I made a wreath – Plus a bauble ! It just needs to have a little string attached to hang it from the tree.

Finally, and very excitingly….. while waiting for the washing machine repairguy, I rearranged and consolidated my sprinkle collection! Wow I have WAY more than I thought! Now when I open the cupboard, a shower of sprinkles don’t fall on my head – yay!

Have a wonderful weekend! What are you up to?

x Kerry