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Breakfast, lunch and dinner – there’s nothing natural about eating three meals a day, so how did it come about?

Cherry chocolate cupcakes – these would be lovely for Christmas topped with a chocolate covered cherry

Endal was the worlds most amazing dog. Wow!

The history of Cadbury chocolate bars – lovely nostalgic stuff. Apparently Flake’s were invented when a canny employee noted that the run off chocolate was going all flakey and nice. Hope s/he got paid commission!

Another article about how everyone really really LOVES baking, because its fun and tastes good n that – apparently the home baking market rose 60% in the last five years!

Sweet potato cupcakes with toasted marshmallow topping – perfect for Thanksgiving (hey, just because you may not be American doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate – with cake!)

Some families in the UK can no longer afford to give their children healthy meals

Just in time for the festive season – an interactive cookbook of the best Christmas recipes from The Guardian

I’ve just discovered a lovely Nottingham blogger – Make Do and Mend – check her out, she’s great!

The Guardian exposes the supermarket ‘deals’ that leave you worse off. Oh dear!

Twinkie bundt cake – this looks so delicious!