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Nutty cherry coconut chocolate flapjacks sound amazingly delicious, and healthy, right? Cos of the oats?

The hilarity of the Williams Sonoma catalogue. This place makes Waitrose look like its for paupers

Delicious Bounty chocolate and coconut cake

You may not celebrate Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t make the cake wrecks it generates any less hilarious

WOW. My favourite brownie recipe, tweaked to include ground almonds instead of flour. These look so intensely delicious!

Cinnamon bun cookies – awesome! They look so Christmassy and cute

Ninja’s are apparently going extinct in Japan…

30 amazingly delicious cookie ideas perfect for Christmas from Two Peas & Their Pod

The Mayans were definitely wrong about 2012… as if you thought otherwise!

A great and yummy looking alternative to Mince Pies for those of us who can’t stand the thought of them…