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Happy Friday everyone! And happy last day in November! Only 32 days to go (counting today) until 2013! Have you started thinking about next year yet?

Tomorrow I’m putting up my Christmas tree and decorations – what are you up to this weekend?

This week, I made homemade Christmas chocolate covered pretzels …. so moreish!

Plus the red and green layer cake – I was SO pleased with how it turned out

New Christmassy PJs from Tesco – I love them and will be wearing them well into 2013!Meet Barnabas. He’s a little teddy bear that I got for the little girl who I’m buying a Christmas present for through a scheme at work (as well as some other presents). He looks pretty cute in my bag, I hope I don’t get too attached to him!I also visited Welbeck Christmas Fair this past weekend with lovely Erin and lovely Lucy (Lucy you should trademark that). All my friends have blogs, I love it!

Here’s Erin posing in her gorgeous vintage Scottish cape

The produce in the farm shop was so lovely it made even me want to eat cabbage… and I don’t want to eat cabbage.

Delicious looking Rocky Road for sale – not a patch on Erin’s homemade version but I love how this looks – it would be ideal to package up for gifts this Christmas if you made some yourself.Cat time! This is Milo atop our TV unit, making the silliest cat face ever, which is to say, the silliest face since his last silliest face. He’s a silly cat.Sunday was the November edition of Cake Eater’s Anonymous, and this month’s event was Christmas themed – hence my cake! Someone made this amazing snowy cabin cake…I also loved Lucy and Tom’s Chocolate Yule log, with chocolate holly leaves. You can also see Sarah’s homemade Snickers in the corner – it was UH-MAZING!

And THIS is Liana’s (of the amazing Star Bakery) Chocolate Christmas cabin. It is so fantastical I couldn’t take my eyes off it and I was a little bit heartbroken when it was smashed to be eaten! I can’t believe Liana is selling these for only £35! It’s madness!

And finally these are Laura’s little reindeer gingerbread cupcakes – very cute!

Barnabas was looking a little naked so Erin very kindly knitted him a scarf… she is very kind!

Outside my office is a stall selling fruit and veg from Kerry’s greengrocers (which are based in the Victoria Market in Nottingham). So I really have NO EXCUSE not to eat fruit and veg! It’s ridiculously cheap there, I got these 12 Spanish clementines/satsumas for £1.69!

Have a wonderful and (I hope!) festive weekend!

x Kerry