A fantastic blog I found this week – a postman who shares pictures and stories about the moggy friends he meets on his route. So lovely.

Interesting outtakes from the last UK census – Blackpool is chock full of divorcees and Islington is the best place for singles to mingle

These crackly chewy brown sugar cookies look AMAZING

Unpaid internships might soon be illegal. What are your thoughts on working for free?

The history behind the making of ‘Fairytale of New York‘ – often voted the greatest Christmas song of all time.

Pictures from Cat Island in Japan – where dozens and dozens of moggies roam and eat freshly caught fish from friendly fishermen (via Jorie)

These double chocolate lamingtons look delish … I think I’ll have to try my hand at some Aussie baking soon!

Ten of Britain’s quirkiest independent shops

Skyfall and The Dark Night Rises… kooky villains with not a clue what they’re doing or why, plotholes the size of battleships and past-it hero’s (all pointed out in a very funny way by Charlie Brooker)

Chocolate eggnog pancakes by Picky Palette… whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!