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2012 went by in a flash, huh! For me, this year was one of the best and the worst ever. It’s been filled with sweetness, fast friends, cute kitties, and fun, as well as the pain of losing people unexpectedly. 2012 has been the year that I’ve felt closer to becoming a grown up than ever before (still not quite there), with friends getting engaged, having babies and buying houses all around us, its a truly wondeful and very exciting time.




So, as we prepare to ring in the new year – here is a look back and my favourite posts of 2012! Enjoy –

1 –

Today is the greatest day in the history of the world – It seems particularly apt as we enter 2013 to think about appreciating every day as the years sseem to rush past

2 –

Rainbow cake – This cake still makes me so happy. I can’t wait to make it for my own kids one day.

3 –

Peanut butter pretzel chocolate fudge brownies – These might have been the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life.

4 –

British Bake Off Key Lime Pie – Season 3 of the Bake Off was crazy popular, with the whole nation joining in and getting baking. This recipe was the standout from the series for me.

5 –

Homemade nutella – Easy to make (as long as you have a blender!), plus healthier than real nutella. Sadly, its just as addictive though.

6 –

Snapshots from my week – All my Friday posts this year have been packed full of fun, but this one was a particular favourite.

7 –

Pink Lemonade Cake – I made this cake for my blogs first birthday back in March 2012, and I love its calpol pinkness and lemonade flavour.

8 –

Their favourite chocolate fudge brownies – My favourite brownies, adulterated made amazing with the addition of peanut butter cups and other deliciousness.

9 –

Orange, lemon, lime and poppy seed bundt cake with citrus cream cheese frosting – This is a tremendously delicious cake, especially if you want to make believe that spring is on its way (I guess, technically, it is?!).

10 –

Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes – Another pink favourite (maybe I’m more girly than I thought?) – these cupcakes are your childhood meets awesomeness.

Happy New Year to you! Will you be celebrating tonight, and what will you be up to?

x Kerry