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A cat cafe is opening in London, hurrah! Fingers crossed for Nottingham next

Cherry studded, sugar coated Shortbread… yum!

Okay, so the sun rose at 8:18 am in the UK today, but by the end of this month will be getting its hat on by 7:51.. progress!

Is your cat a nighttime or a daytime cat? Ours are in the house 5pm – 8am in the winter which they seem to be okay with and ‘go to bed’ when we do. We don’t let them in our bed though – too noisy!

I had my peanut butter pretzel brownie recipe published in the local paper – see it here!

Rail fares have risen by 50% in ten years – do you think your rail service has gotten 50% better?

A glossary of the hipster foods of 2012 – from sliders to bubble tea

We watched Beasts of the Southern Wild on New Years Day and found it to be very touching – have you seen it, and if so, what did you think?

Dotcomgiftshop are having their winter sale, woo! I bought two spotty umbrella’s (random, but I need an umbrella to fit into my handbag and they were super cheap and had good reviews!), plus some red spotty tape, and a couple of Christmas decorations to add to my tree next year.

OHMIGOD. Maybe we can postpone the start of healthy eating SLIGHTLY, you need to make THIS peanut butter snickers brownie cake