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P1000570Happy Friday! It’s been a delicious and busy week! It started out with homemade English muffins

IMG_4076And plenty of snow

IMG_4075The boys can now be found close to a radiator at all times (or under the duvet!) attempting to keep warm

IMG_4083So lots of cups of tea were drunk! I love bourbons but shop bought ones aren’t amazing… I’ll have to make some homemade ones soon

IMG_4091Oh and did I mention I’m FAMOUS? I was featured in the Nottingham Post, even though my fashion credentials are dubious to say the least!

IMG_4092A tasty weeknight meal of warm goats cheese and red onion pickle on doorstop granary bread, en route to visit Newstead Abbey with lovely Erin.

IMG_4093Which, in case you were wondering, is Byron’s ancestrel home. I didn’t get any pictures of the outside of the building, but it is a lovely, former 12th century priory/abbey turned into a stately home after the reformation.

I don’t really know that much about Byron, but I was very impressed by his daughter, Ada Byron King (later Lovelace) who was the foremother of modern computing.

IMG_4095There was a small chapel inside which is still used by the local community – isn’t that lovely? You know I’m not usually one to go to church, but the inside was breathtaking

IMG_4097With original Minton floor tiles

IMG_4098And stained glass windows. I really liked the house, although I always feel on tours that I just want to go explore and poke around, not follow a tour guide and stand on the right side of the velvet rope.

IMG_4102To round off the week, I made chocolate flapjacks, which, oh my god. They were incredible. They tasted like a cross between a brownie and a flapjack – NOT KIDDING. I’ll bring you the recipe soon!

Have a wonderful weekend readers! What are you up to?

x Kerry