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I’d been meaning to make chocolate flapjacks for a while – a completely, indulgently chocolatey version rather than just having some chocolate drizzled over regular flapjacks. I finally made these ones for my work colleagues and they completely and utterly exceeded my expectations – they are SO rich and chocolatey that when you bit into them, the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate brownies- they’re that good!

Making them is a cinch – its just a matter of melting butter with sugar, chocolate and honey and then stirring in the oats and baking for 25 or so minutes. I often bake on a weeknight, and sometimes get into a flap with more complicated recipes (British word meaning stressed for any baffled readers!) but these flapjacks couldn’t be simpler. You’ll be eating them within 30 minutes or so. Melt, bake, enjoy. Mmmm.

Of course I adapted the original recipe to make them even more chocolatey. After all, there’s no point in doing things by halves!

  • 350g unsalted butter
  • 350g light brown caster sugar
  • 3 tbsp honey, or golden syrup if you have it
  • 200g chocolate (plain, milk or dark would all work – I used a good quality milk)
  • 500g porridge oats (I always use the cheapest in the supermarket – in this case Tesco everyday value)
  • 4 tbsp cocoa powder

IMG_4099First, preheat your oven to 140C/gas 2/275F. Now let’s make like we’re making chocolate fudge brownies and melt the butter together with 100g of your chocolate and the honey. Once that is melted, take it off the heat (you can also do this in the microwave if you prefer) and then mix in the sugar and cocoa powder and stir.

Next, add your oats to the mix, and finally, chop your remaining 100g of chocolate into smallish chunks and stir through. Combine thoroughly until all the oats are covered in chocolate mix and smelling divine.

IMG_4100I used the Lakeland brownie pan to cook the flapjacks, which is 13.5 by 8 inches. Don’t worry if your pan is smaller, you’ll just have thicker flapjacks! I recommend lining your pan with parchment paper so you can get the flapjacks out easily.

Tip your flapjack mix into the tin, and push down and into the corners, as evenly as you can – I smoothed mine down with a fork and it was oddly a deeply satisfying experience. Bake in the middle of your oven for 20-30 minutes (they’ll need longer if you have a deeper, smaller pan) – just keep an eye on them and take them out as soon as they look slightly browned on the edges or once 30 minutes has elapsed.

Allow them to cool completely, and then lift out of the tray with the parchment paper, and cut into generous squares. The longer you leave them to cool, the less likely they are to be crumbly when you cut them (and the chocolate does a good job of keeping these together too).

IMG_4103I have made this recipe twice (in the last week, a great testament to how delicious it is!) and the second time, without the extra milk chocolate and just using cocoa powder as in the original recipe – it still tasted AWESOME and very chocolatey indeed. Make these soon, you won’t regret it!


x Kerry