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20 amazing facts about the human body, from why you get goosebumps, to what’s living on your eyelashes

“We cannot see what lies beyond the visible horizon of our universe…” but something mysterious is going on out there

These must taste of sunshine – Meyer lemon cookies with lemon cream cheese frosting

Men are hooked up to a childbirth pain stimulator… how will they cope? Woman or man, you must watch this

Raspberry coconut oat bars

The lovely Helen wrote this post on Any Other Woman about her wedding in a gorgeous converted former church in Bristol

So you own a penis cake pan…. you MUST click the link, trust me on this

Not religious, but want to celebrate life and sing along to Stevie Wonder? Atheist church services could be for you

More proof of feline’s innate superiority – the Monopoly iron has been voted off the board game, in favour of the new piece – meet the Monopoly cat!


Pancake Day is coming! Check out my recipe for my favourite blueberry buttermilk pancakes here. You can use natural yoghurt mixed with a little vinegar in place of buttermilk, and also substitute blueberries with any number of things – chocolate chips is are delicious! Just don’t forget maple syrup.