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This week I’m experimenting with a new format for this post using a gallery to show the images. Let me know what you think!

This week has been a pretty busy one, last Friday we got our new sofa delivered, but then had to get our living room window removed (and put back) in order to get it into the room… they were not very fun times!

At the weekend we headed into the city to get some food and see a local band, Amusement Parks on Fire who were playing at one of Nottingham’s many live music venues.

I have also eaten a vast amount of cheese this week… I’ve had my favourite sandwich (grilled cheese with onion chutney) twice, not to mention a massive roll filled with ripe brie at chutney at the cheese shop in Nottingham. They even sell various cool foodie bits and bobs, like lotus biscuit spread and Pepperidge Farm cookies!

Good thing I’ve been cycling to work every day (4 times this week, so about 35 miles!) and going to the gym at lunchtime too – I joined the gym at my work and have been doing various classes, including zumba twice this week! It’s so fast, but a great workout!

I also gave Emma a very teeny hand to make Red Velvet cupcakes – she rocked it! I actually think that the Hummingbird recipe is quite difficult to get right and they tasted great.

Have a great weekend! What will you be getting up to? I think I will be mainly relaxing!

x Kerry