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Happy Friday!!

This week I’ve mainly been…

1. Celebrating Love… I spotted these cute Love scrabble tiles in a shop in Nottingham / 2. Eating comfort food! Veggie sausages, mash, kale and gravy in this case /  3. Celebrating Pancake Day! Despite the fact that I will most definitely NOT be giving up anything for lent, I still ate two massive blueberry pancakes and some veggie bacon / 4. Making nutella cookies! These turned out pretty amazing, I’ll share them soon! / 5. Watching with dismay as snow returned to Nottingham. It was horrible being out and about in it, but happily milder weather is now here again! / 6. Attempting a flippy curly ponytail which you can just about see here! / 7. Ogling delicious treats / 8. Of the food and the interior design variety! / 9 – 15 Being spoiled for Valentine’s Day! Lovely Lee surprised me with flowers and a three course home cooked meal, including his first ever cake! Marty and Milo crashed our meal and hung out with us as we ate. It was perfect!

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s readers! What will you be getting up to this weekend?

x Kerry