1. Springwatch

I can feel it – spring is almost nearly here. The mornings are light for cycling (hurrah!), spring flowers are shooting up, the trees are in bud and the birds are singing louder than ever. I. Can’t. Wait!

2. Pies, bakes, crumbles, cobblers…

This winter the weather hasn’t been TOO cold but definitely cold enough for comfort food! This winter I’ve fallen in love with them all, not to mention mash, gravy, sausages (of the veggie variety) and even custard, my former nemesis.


3. Cleaning up, chucking out

With the brighter spring light comes the urge to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS and declutter my home. I’ve already started lugging bag after bag to the charity shop (Lee holds me back with his pesky love of books, dvds and games though – not that I don’t like them, but keeping them forever isn’t necessary in my eyes!).

What are you loving right now?

x Kerry