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Judging books by their covers – US vs UK editions compared

I’ve just discovered r/britishproblems on reddit which is a treasure trove of polite anguish

Cute spring daffodil cupcake toppers

Food for thought – 80% of antibiotics in the US (and the majority in the UK too) are used by the meat industry – with the result that our antibiotic resistant salmonella and e-coli infect more and more of our foods, and result in humans who are increasingly resistant to lifesaving antibiotics

It’s the end of Hotmail as we know it. Most people seem to be fine

The chemistry of cake – fascinating!

Kids born today will spend around a quarter of their lives staring at a screen

What does 200 calories look like in various foods? Hint – a LOT of celery/broccoli

We’re all living in Portlandia now – very interesting article. PS, have you seen it? Great show

Amazing home before and afters showing that its true that you really can transform any home into somewhere lovely if you just have the imagination (Kirsty and Phil were right all along!)

Double chocolate chip / peanut butter cup / sandwich cookies. OHMIGOD so many good things in one!

Just LOOK at this gorgeous dense and fudgy chocolate loaf cake. Did I mention it’s healthy too? Head on over to (never) homemaker to check it out – (earth balance is vegan low fat buttery spread so if you’re in the UK you could substitute with a low fat marg)