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Rows of prams lined up outside nurseries are a common sight in Sweden – even in up to – 30 degree temperatures

Lemon Meringue Layer Cake by my lovely friends at Made Do and Mend

Why does our skin go wrinkly in the bath? Turns out the answer is pretty cool

In a dinner rut? Liven up everyday meals with these tips and tricks

Gorgeous caramelized white chocolate topped brownies – I didn’t even know you could caramelize white chocolate!

Call me a pessimist, but I agree with Brooker. This whole robot thing is just going to end with the enslavement/wiping out of humanity

Somewhat surprisingly, treating inmates like people has reduced the re-offending rate by over half in Norway’s prisons

Oscar red carpet fashion – who was your favourite? I loved Sally Field’s gorgeous red dress, and as for the worst, there were a LOT of baaad dresses, but I think Kerry Washington’s was the most criminal waste of a gorgeous body in a horrid dress!

Frozen burger sales cut almost in half after the horsemeat scandal, not surprisingly. A surprising number of people still shopping in Iceland though

And if you needed EVEN MORE reason to stop buying processed foods, this new campaign for Oxfam reveals that the worlds top food companies are all woefully substandard on a range of issues from the environment to workers rights. See how your favourite products fare here

Tried and tested Easter eggs …. oooh yummy! I love the name ‘dreamcake’…. I may have to steal it. I am also outraged that the Cadbury buttons egg didn’t make the cut!