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Hey March, hey Friday its swell to see you both! Here are the latest snapshots from my week…

Chocolate espresso cloud frosting (yum!), Marty and a supper of cheese on toast with onion relish and an apple

Crafternoon tea at lovely Lucy’s (alter ego lovely Barbara) – with the finished chocolate fudge cloud cake (recipe coming soon!) and lovely tea, sandwiches and cake. I helped to craft part of a mobile!

The Cath Kidston shop with its lovely dressers full of china – can’t wait to have one in my home one day! My new spotty tote bag from Cath Kidston, and Marty in a rather peculiar upside down position.

Milo, my one (?) healthy dinner of the week I now realise… and hanging out in the Malt Cross.

MORE Milo, in his ready to pounce pose as he stares into nothingness, and lunch/afternoon tea at Thea Caffea in Nottingham! The menu wasn’t so hot on veggie lunch options so I was cruelly forced to have scones with cream and jam for lunch.

Tell me blog readers, what are you up to this weekend? As you can probably tell I have been very busy so I’m hoping to do very close to nothing and get my house back into an acceptable state!

x Kerry