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It’s my birthday and I’ll make cake if I want to! It’s time to don your prettiest party frock, chuck on a bit of lippie, and celebrate with me – my blog is turning two years old! It was created on the 10th March 2011, when I’d just bought a shiny new laptop and decided to start cataloguing my baking adventures on a brand new blog. I wasn’t sure who would read it, except my mum (Hi Mum!), and I felt a bit silly taking pictures of myself (still do!) and wondered whether I really had something different enough to offer to start yet another blog.

Two years on, 300k visits, 639 posts, 3710 comments later and here we are!

The thing that’s surprised me most about my experience of blogging the last two years, is how amazingly, wonderfully nice everyone I’ve come into contact with has been. In all those posts and comments, I’ve never experienced nastiness from anyone who’s stumbled across my blog, only genuine friendship and a shared love of CAKE!

Speaking of, I’ll be back tomorrow with an AWESOME chocolate cake recipe, perfect to help us celebrate!


xxx Kerry