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Welcome to my new series that will be making occasional appearances here on my blog, 10 Lovely Things! It will be full of lovely ideas for things to do and experience to get the most out of life/the season. With Spring is just around the corner, I thought it would be a great place to begin!

Here are some of my favourite ideas for activities for Spring –

– Refresh your wardrobe –

Winter is over, so change up your wardrobe with pretty pastels (Pastels for Spring? Revolutionary!) and bright colours. After wearing the same old all winter, you deserve a pretty new dress!


– See the Cherry blossoms –

Nothing lifts my heart and my spirits more than when the cherry blossom trees start to appear in March/April. I think it’s mother natures way of saying ‘Hold on just a bit longer, things will get better!’.

– Eat seasonally –

The seasons are changing and that should be reflected on our plates! Why not bake a Simnel cake or some hot cross buns, enjoy asparagus and rhubarb in season (and don’t forget to eat your body weight in easter eggs of course!).

– Get active outside –

Head to the park, ride your bike, go for a stroll after dinner… we’ve been cooped up all winter, so lets just get outside!

– Wake up your garden –

I am a wuss about the cold so tend to neglect my garden all winter. It’s so nice when its finally time to get back out there, clear away the dead plants and plant some new flowers for Spring.

– Enjoy Easter –

Woohoo, Easter break! I’ll be planning something fun to take advantage of my holiday. Any ideas?

– Buy flowers –

Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, I love how you can spend just a few pounds and bring Spring into your home.

– Throw open your windows –

With the possible added benefit that the breeze will blow away any dust that’s been accumulating over the winter…

– Banish your tights/leggings (and gloves, hats and scarves!) –

Ah the feeling of freedom!

What are you looking forward to most about Spring?

x Kerry