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Happy Friday my lovelies! It’s been a long long week!

At the weekend I visited my parents for Mother’s Day, taking some homemade Lemon shortbread bars, and a four leaf clover that I crafted (poorly) out of felt.

Despite being mid-March, the weather was appalling and so so cold with snow showers 😦 I got my mum some purple and white flowers and made everyone blueberry pancakes for breakfast – they were yum!

Crazily big eyes (and my new ASOS dress), and afternoon tea with my Mum at Hawksyard Hall in Staffordshire.

Afternoon tea – so many amazing cakes!! And pingu card for Mother’s Day

Hanging out with Milo on my tummy (apparently he missed me while I was gone bless him! Plus what I’m currently reading, and a MASSIVE pizza that I enjoyed on Monday night.

On Wednesday we headed out for dinner (to the Golden Fleece in Nottingham) and to see Willy Mason who was AMAZING! Dinner was nice, we both had veggie burgers, although sadly the Golden Fleece’s veggie burgers used to be incredible and now they’re just okay 😦

The gig, a card for some friends who’ve just had their baby (yay!) and my pretty new necklace from Etsy – I love it!

What are you getting up to this weekend?

x Kerry