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The top ten chocolate recipes from The Guardian, including chocolate paired with… goats cheese

Only exciting to Midlands based readers of my blog, the Bakewell Baking Festival is happening this Summer in nearby Bakewell – I’m excited!

The truth about what its like to be a priest, brain surgeon, undertaker, and many more interesting jobs

I’m always looking for the perfect pasta / marinara sauce to batch make and freeze (now that shop bought pasta sauce is so horrendously expensive) – this one looks great!

Where do you stand in the class continuum of modern Britain? Take the quiz!

Interesting article on neologisms (new words) – I find it fascinating that portentous, antiques, and despicable were all once considered to be beyond the pale

SOUND THE EMERGENCY DESSERT KLAXON… here’s a great recipe to whip up a small batch of brownies

This week I learned – the word darkle (its real!) is the opposite of sparkle

Why being optimistic is never too cool for school – I couldn’t agree more with this

Oooh this cookbook sounds amazing! Baked in America