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Happy Friday everybody! I have a couple of weeks worth of pictures to share with you since I was sick last week..

The first two pictures are from the March cake club – there were lots of Easter creations like Creme Egg brownies (which are very popular right now!). I made a triple layer lemon blueberry cake with homemade lemon curd filling and lemon frosting – I’ll share the recipe with you soon!

The thing on the right is a Mario star that I made out of felt for my brother for his birthday using this tutorial… he turned out a little wonky, but cute!

Some pictures from my Easter weekend, my brother Ben and his girlfriend Laura came to stay. We kicked the weekend off with a big cooked breakfast, followed by a trip to Wollaton Hall.

Since it was Easter, of course, a lot of chocolate had to be consumed. I made Easter nests for the first time ever (400g of dairy milk meets about 100g of shredded wheat – it just absorbed the chocolate). They were so dense and filling and really yummy!

We also visited White Rabbit tea room in Nottingham for some tea and cake (yay!). The cakes that they bake up there are very lovely, but while tea is great value (£1.80 for massive pot), cake is pretty extortionate at £3.20 for a teeny-tiny slice (not just by my standards, it was barely an inch at its widest point!). The cafe is so pretty with its vintage china and decor though that its still definitely worth a visit!

Another (kinda) Easter related picture – little one year old me communing with my first Easter egg. I’ve moved on from white chocolate since then… Plus some time spent trawling the charity/vintage shops of Beeston, and a bright pink manicure.

The discovery of speculoos spread in the local discount shop, plenty of Marty pictures (Sorry Milo!!!) – his favourite place is next to a warm radiator! And salted caramel brownies…. they were delish

Finally, I hosted afternoon tea at my house this past weekend for my lovely friends. We feasted on fish finger sandwiches, teeny tiny scones, peanut butter and salted caramel brownies, and carrot cake cupcakes and chatted for hours and hours and hours!

Have a wonderful weekend readers!

x Kerry