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IMG_0253Happy Wednesday! As part of the new posting schedule here on my blog, I’ll be bringing you a variety of different articles on a Wednesday, from Stop what you’re doing and look at this, to Loving right now, to one-off articles. This is one of the latter, about my favourite cookbook EVER (I may follow it up with other favourites too).

I first got a copy of How to be a domestic goddess when I was in my teens and it seemed just SO revolutionary to me at the time. Hard as it is to believe now, in the mid 90s, baking wasn’t exactly cool and the evocativeness of the title – how to be a domestic goddess – combined with the yummy recipes inside made (and still makes) me very happy.

I love the way she writes about establishing traditions for her children, like the smell of orange cranberry muffins on Christmas morning, or baking biscuits for the birthday cake in the shape of the child’s age – all sweet, simple ideas that can be adapted by anyone.


Tattered post it notes marking my favourite recipes!


THE most amazing chocolate brownies on the planet


Norwegian Cinnamon Buns… my copy falls open naturally to this page!

Some of my favourite recipes are

Although there is still so much from the book that I still haven’t made, high on the list are the

and her chocolate cherry cupcakes come highly recommended too!

If you’re inspired to cook like Nigella, check out Forever Nigella created by Maison Cupcake where bloggers bake Nigella recipes around a theme like ‘Summer’ each month.

What’s your favourite cookbook ever? And why do you think it inspires you so much/what do you love so much about it?

Finally, do you have an AMAZING Nigella recipe to recommend to me that I don’t already know about?!

x Kerry