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Happy Friday! This past weekend I spent some time at my parents house in the country. The weather is finally warmer so I’m enjoying lots of healthy salads and fruit, yay!

A Quorn veggie bacon sandwich for breakfast, and a bike ride to see the spring lambs! They were SO CUTE, but alas, were a little camera shy. One of them escaped from the field and was trying to find a way back in through the fence when we came along – luckily s/he found the spot they’d gotten out and ran back up to their Mum bleating with excitement as if to tell her all about their adventure!

I baked a lemon drizzle cake for various family members – I found the recipe on Pinterest and it was easy to make and was well received! I also finally used a lemon zester with relative success – I’ll definitely have to get one soon for my Nottingham kitchen! (A bit of lemon zest did fly into my eye so I may want to consider investing in protective goggles too!).

Another healthy dinner with delicious beef tomatoes, chicken salad and other veggies. On my return to Nottingham, Marty was pretty happy to see me! And then I made Nutella Sea Salt Rice Crispie Treats…. (coming soon!)

A lone dinner of mackeral, mashed potato and sweetcorn while Lee was away. I watched Enchanted which I thought was good-ish but only saved by Amy Adams charm! Here’s Milo ‘helping’ me organise my cupboard! And the menu board at the Malt Cross, I went for the pesto, tomato and mozzarella tartlet. Then I went to City WI book club where we discussed The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (I didn’t really like it).

Here are some snapshots of what I was wearing this week! These are some new New Look skinny jeans (more capri pants/clam diggers as they’re so short but I love that), and a new dalmation print scarf, also from New Look. I was on the look out for a brightly coloured spring mac/trench but didn’t find one.

A cute pose from Marty (he rarely rolls over to show his belly), yet another veggie bacon sandwich (tesco veggie bacon is much nicer than quorn) and the demise of another jar of Bakewell Butter – almond butter swirled with cherry and frangipane flavours. The label says to spread it on toast, swirl it into porridge or bake into a cake but sadly mine only ever made it onto a spoon! If you’re in or around Nottingham I highly recommend you head to Delilah Fine Foods and pick up a jar! You can also follow them on Twitter.

It’s been a busy week, and I’m back off to the country this weekend for a lovely spring wedding. What are you up to?

x Kerry