Audacious thieves in Germany have stolen over £13k’s worth – 23 MILLION CALORIES – of Nutella. If they don’t fill a bath with Nutella and jump in it, they will have disappointed me.

Hilarious client feedback turned into pretty artwork by a designer

Salty-sweet bite-sized chocolate peanut butter treats…. these words are music to my ears..

How old do you feel, and how does it compare to your actual age?

Baby bakes his own birthday cake. You have to watch this, its the cutest thing EVER!

What’s your scariest film of all time? I don’t find The Exorcist particularly scary but Rosemary’s Baby definitely got to me

How to make the perfect Bakewell Tart

If you’re not familiar, a bakewell tart is a speciality of Bakewell in Derbyshire featuring pastry containing a layer of raspberry jam, frangipane (almondy filling) and flaked almonds

This is soo inspiring. American teenager speaks out against her schools promotion of abstinence as birth control (hint – its terrible at it) in a state with one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the US. You must read this!

Two lovely bloggers baked Rainbow Cakes recently! Check them out at Mad About Baking and Then the Baby Carriage

I LOVE this shabby chic (aren’t they all?!) cake stand – you can find some great bargains on eBay – I’ve bought cake stands, china and even cake colourings from there!

x Kerry