Happy Friday! It’s a three day weekend in the UK and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Last weekend we were sent some beautiful flowers from some lovely friends. Milo was very interested to smell them!

Saturday night we went to see a rock band called Audrey Horne at Rock City – they were super energetic and fun!

Sunday was cake club, and I made Rocky Road Cupcakes! A big picture for you… they’re coming to my blog soon!


On Tuesday I went with Lee to Spanky Van Dyke’s (god I hate that name) for a veggie burger before we went to a gig at nearby Rescue Rooms. It’s pretty hard to find a good veggie burger (they’re often super mushy for some strange reason) and sadly ours weren’t great. I loved the baskets they came in though!

The band we went to see was Chvrches, who are a delightfully 80s electronic pop trio who are allegedly up and coming. This is probably my favourite song of theirs. This one’s pretty great too.

Since the weather has been so warm this week I’ve been loving cycling to work in the sunshine and snacking on lots of fruit and salad. I love it when delicious healthy food is in season!

Thursday I went to lunch with the lovely Erin to Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie in Nottingham… and it was so delicious! I had a brie, pear, spinach, walnut and honey galette (OMG). Then we shared a nutella and raspberry crepe… So good!

What are you up to this weekend?

x Kerry