In pictures – a weeks worth of groceries from around the world. So fascinating

Stray dogs in Russia are using the subway to commute in and out of town to find food. Warning – heartwarming!

New recipe from Sweetapolita – huzzah! Strawberry and lavender layer cake

Angry people in local newspapers – a hilarious photo blog I just discovered – check it out!

Salted caramel and chocolate coconut macaroons… I want to make something like this soon, COCONUT DELICIOUSNESS

Just 18 days until Arrested Development Season 4 hits Netflix (If I had any plans with you that week, please consider them cancelled)…

Cute heartwarming dashcam videos… pay special attention to the man carrying the child at 1:40 like its a rod of plutonium… oh and don’t miss the guy LIFTING UP THE CAR at 2:30