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Despite all of the freak hailstorms and rainshowers that keep going on in the UK, I think its fair to say that Spring is most definitely here! So I’ve put together a few tips and tricks for overhauling your skincare and beauty routine  – enjoy, and let me know any tips or must have products you’d like to share in the comments!


– Lighten up –

I always need a less thick moisturiser once summer rolls around – I don’t think I’ve found the perfect one yet (apart from Estee Lauder Daywear which is perfect in every way but the price tag!) so I won’t recommend a specific brand. Whatever you go for, be sure it includes SPF – dermatologists consistently say that the majority of wrinkles can be prevented by using SPF 50 or 60 every single day – (even in the winter!).

– Go a shade darker –

My skin tone varies from pretty deathly pale in the winter to slightly less deathly pale in the summer, so its sometimes necessary to switch between shades of my foundation if my face gets slightly more tanned. If you’re blessed with nice skin, its a great time to switch to a tinted moisturiser too!


I also love switching to a crème blush for summer, as well as using a highlighter – they both really make your skin look dewy and fresh. At the moment I’m alternating between a Soap and Glory gel blush/lip tint and a Pixi creme blush, but you can get loads of cheap and cheerful ones. In terms of highlighters – Benefit High Beam is the daddy of them all, but expensive, so at the moment I’m using a No7 one called High Light that seems to be lasting forever.

– Get smooth –

I start exfoliating again once spring comes around – it feels like the time to renew your skin and get rid of the dead cells! I love St Ives apricot face scrub and I also use it on my upper arms. The Body Shop have some great body exfoliators too. Wedding season and the return of nicer (er) weather also means sandals – so I start painting my toenails and making sure my feet are looking presentable too!

– Colour pop –

photo(1)Spring/summer is also a great time to bust out the bright corals, pinks and pastels on lips and nails, whereas I tend to stick to deeper colours for winter. I love turquiose, lavender, and bright pink for summer as well as bright red.

– Spring Clean! –

Another good habit if you’re organising and decluttering the rest of your home is to go through your make up drawer and chuck anything that you’ve had for longer than the recommended time – its usually shown on the back of the packaging – ie 24M is 2 years – and get rid of anything that isn’t being used/is surplus to requirements too.

x Kerry

Ps – I haven’t included anything about fake tan on here as I’m convinced that remaining pale and mysterious is best for me – I’ve never had any luck with any progressive tanners before! If you know of one you love, let me know in the comments!

PPS – I hope you liked all the pictures of MY FACE