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Happy Friday friends! How have your weeks been?

Here’s Marty relaxing in our ironing pile basket… I found some awesome clothes I hadn’t seen for a long time at the bottom of it! The middle picture is a cute print in the Tourism Centre in Nottingham – meet me at the left lion is something of a Nottingham tradition.

On Monday night I went out with Lee to celebrate our 7th anniversary. We had some cocktails, and went out for dinner at a cute french restaurant.

Then this happened!

IMG_0571Lee proposed, and I said yes. Huzzah!!

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur with not many picture taking opportunities, I have been playing around with the new beautiful mess photo app – here’s cross eyed Marty with cesar style garlands! Plus a picture of some beautiful congratulatory roses from my family, and a healthy salad for lunch one day – my go to is lettuce, toasted pine nuts, feta, beetroot, olives, tomatos, peppers and dressing, but I think I need to mix it up a bit. Any ideas?

Have a wonderful weekend readers!

x Kerry